Loans Why our Loans are better

Why our Loans are better!

Here’s why......!

With the uncertainty in the financial markets causing a stir amongst the banks, Drogheda Credit Union remains steadfast in their quest of providing low cost loans to members with no hidden fees or charges and additional benefits you won’t get anywhere else! Also:

  • There are no hidden fees, admin charges, transaction charges or set up costs.
  • Repayments are calculated on your reducing balance so you pay less interest with each repayment
  • You can pay off your loan early, make additional lump sum repayments or increase your regular repayments, without a penalty.

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Here’s a quick reminder....

Competitive Interest Rate

We’re sticking with our standard loan rate of 7.9% (APR 8.2% Variable) for all your car loans, home improvement loans, holiday loans etc. It doesn’t matter how much you borrow, the rate remains the same. Some banks advertise their lowest rate to attract borrowers but hidden in the small print you’ll find the less you borrow the higher the interest rate. An example taken from one of our main financial institutions reads like this, ‘The APR for loans over €9,000 is 8.9%, from €5,000 to €8,999 is 10.4% and for loans less than €5,000, the APR is 11.7%’.

New 'Special Saver Loan'

We have also introduced a Special Saver Loan at a preferential interest rate of 4.9% (5.2%APR). This is facilitate members who wish to retain their savings & maintain the insurance on both savings and loan. Loans must remain within balance of Shares for the duration of the Loan.

Our Loans Interest Is Calculated To Your Advantage

Most financial institutions calculate the interest due at the start of a loan. This means that even as you reduce the size of your loan, your interest will remain the same throughout. With your credit union, your interest reduces as your loan reduces. With additional repayments or early clearance of a loan, you pay even less interest! Some financial institutions penalise you for lump sum repayments or for clearing your loan early. WE DON’T! Since Oct. 07, loan interest is calculated on a daily basis. This is also in the best interest of members.

No Fees, Charges Or Penalties

Your credit union has no document fees, arrangement fees, facility fees, rescheduling fees or any other fees on loans. We don’t penalise you for clearing your loan off early either! With other financial institutions you need to read the small print because quite often there are extra fees and charges on their loans. Sometimes the following warning appears, ‘You may have to pay charges if you pay off a fixed-rate loan early’. These fees, charges and penalties can mean a great difference in the amount you actually end up paying. Your credit union is different! What you are quoted is what you pay! Don’t be afraid to ask for the total cost of your loan so that you can compare our loans against other loans and remember you can reduce the interest you pay on our loans by making additional repayments or by clearing your loan off early (with no penalties!).

Your Loan Dies With You

Your credit union provides Loan Protection Insurance* on the lives of its eligible borrowing members at no extra cost providing you were in good health when taking out the loan. Should an insured borrower die or become totally and permanently disabled, the insurance cover provides that the loan balance will be fully cleared*. With other financial institutions this type of insurance usually costs extra.

Other Insurance Products That Add Value!

Life Savings Protection Insurance* - Your savings are insured for life at no extra cost. Depending on your age and how much you have saved with your credit union over the years, this insurance could provide your dependents with up to €10,200* on your death.

It’s easy to see why Drogheda Credit Union stands out from the rest


* Loans and Insurance Products are subject to certain terms and conditions. Drogheda Credit Union is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

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