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Saving regularly with your Credit Union gives you financial security, independence, peace of mind and an attractive return. If you can get into the habit of saving regularly, the benefits will last a lifetime! Saving may also help you borrow in the future should you need to!

Maximum Shares €40,000
Maximum Deposits €100,000
Annual Dividend Paid 1% for the year end 30/09/16
Deposit Rate 0.5% for the year end 30/09/2016

Life Savings Insurance

All members savings are insured for life at the following rates, subject to a maximum of €10,200 at no extra cost. For more details click here.

Monies Saved Cover
Age under 55 100%
55 - 60 75%
60 - 65 50%
65 - 70 25%

Benefits of Credit Union savings

  • Savings (over and above any loan you may have) can be withdrawn on demand.

  • Competitive Return on your savings

  • Free life cover on savings up to € 10,200 (subject to terms and condition)

  • There are no transaction charges or fees.

  • With our CU Cash Account, borrowing members have the freedom to save and withdraw as they wish (see ’Available Services’ - loan section for more details)

  • With our CU ATM Account, members can have access to their savings 24/7 (full details below!)


  • Each member can nominate someone to be the beneficiary of their account.

  • A nomination must be in writing.

  • The statutory maximum amount that can pass under a nomination is currently €23,000.

  • You may change you Nomination at any time.

  • A Nomination is not changed by a Will or Coicil to a Will.

  • When you marry you need to fill a new Nomination form even if you wish to nominate the same person.

  • The Nominated property does not form part of the deceased estate.

  • Only members over the age of 16 can fill Nominations.

  • Members Please Note: It is important to update your Nomination form should your circumstances change.

Nomination forms are available in our office.

Deposit Guarantee Scheme (DSG)

Under the Deposit Guarantee Scheme Credit Unions members have additional security with savings amounts of up to €100,000 per member being guaranteed.

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