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7.9% APR

You may still be looking for the right car for 2017 but you’ll have no trouble finding the right place to get your MOTORLOAN. Think Drogheda Credit Union!

With no set up costs, fees or penalties for early repayment, a competitive rate of 7.9%, interest charged on the reducting loan balance and free loan protection insurance offered to all members (T & C may apply), you can rest assured that you are getting a great deal from your local Credit Union!

We offer our members VALUE FOR MONEY with NO HIDDEN COSTS! Applying for a loan is easy and 75% of applications* are approved within 48 hours.

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Why borrow from Drogheda Credit Union?

Drogheda Credit Union exists solely to serve you, our members, NOT TO PROFIT from your needs. Put your trust in us and we will work with you on a one to one basis to TAILOR your car loan requirements to suit your pocket whilst providing the highest standard of service. Simply contact one of our loan officers.

Here’s a little summary!

  • We’re cheaper! Our interest rate is just 7.9% (Typical APR 8.2%)*. A recent survey on personal loans carried out by the Financial Regulator proves we beat most rates from other financial institutions. Check it out at

  • Our loan interest is calculated on the reducing loan balance. This means you only pay interest on what you owe so the quicker you pay off your loan the less interest you pay. Simple!

  • We do not make a profit. Any earnings in excess of operational costs made by a credit union are returned to the members in the form of a dividend.

  • There are NO hidden charges or fees, NO surcharges for late payment and NO penalties for early repayment of your loan.

  • All loan applications are dealt with promptly and confidentiality is assured.

  • We offer Free Loan Protection Insurance* to our members. This means your loan will be repaid in full in the event of your death or permanent disability, providing you were in good health when taking out the loan. This is optional and will increase your weekly repayments or term of loan but can give you peace of mind.

Why not work out some loan repayments using our loan calculator!!

* Terms & conditions apply

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